This demo system contains a modified version of the ISO 7372:2005 “TDED”. Instead of using the original TDED categories as top terms, the individual concepts of each category are used. This increases number of top terms from nine (9) to twenty-five (25). In addition the system contains two collections for grouping the relevant concepts based on the two UN Layout Key (UNLK) documents part of ISO 7372:1990.

Further, because of arbitrary changes to the various names and definitions in the 2005 version based on the Core Component work, this version uses the more appropriate original 1990 & 1993 name & definitions. This version demonstrates the benefits of using SKOS.

This demo is still under constructions consisting of five (5) phases:

  • Phase 1 is currently splitting the original categories into their individual concepts, each becoming a top term. A first pass is performed to assign each category’s data concept, to one of the new top terms.

  • Phase 2 will review each top term to determine if it is really a top term in its own right and not a narrower term of another top term. For example, the original category 4 of the TDED contains four concepts, Clauses, Conditions, Terms and Instructions, that in phase 1 became top terms. However, one could argue that they are narrower terms of the top term documentation from category 1.

  • Phase 3 will be an extension of phase 2, reviewing each narrower term in order to determine if it is possibly a narrower, lower level term. For example, the narrower term clause that was demoted in phase 2 from top term to narrower term under documentation belongs actually under the broader term contract that is a narrower term of documentation.

  • Phase 4 will review each top term and narrower term definition to ensure they reflect the generic nature of the terms and are not using technical jargon.

  • Phase 5 will translate all names (labels) and definitions in to French, German and Japanese.

Click link to access -> ISO 7372:SKOS “TDED”

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