ISO 7372:2005 “TDED”

This demo system contains all of the data elements of the Trade Data Element Directory (TDED) 2005 version. Instead of using a single Top Term the system is using the original nine (9) categorizes of the TDED. It is recognized that each category contains one or more top term. However it was agreed during the Proof of Concept work by the ISO/IEC/ITU/UNECE/MoU/MG project team to not apply SKOS rules and instead just group all data elements as narrow terms under their assigned original category, to demonstrate that even a less SKOS compliant directory can be made available online containing the same information as the paper version.

Each category and data element’s name and definition are stored as SKOS’s primary label and definition. In addition the data element tag, core component based name and business name (if available) are stored as alternate labels.

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