Demo Systems

To demonstrate the benefits of LinguMatic™ Illumonus provides three online demo systems:

  • ISO 7372:2005 “TDED” - the content of the Trade Data Element Directory converted to be stored in SKOS. This version was used during the ISO/IEC/ITU/UNECE MoU/MG Proof of Concept Project on Semantic Interoperability. No efforts were made to apply SKOS rules.
  • ISO 7372 TDED (SKOS) - a modified version of the ISO 7372:2005, including the two UN Layout Key (UNLK/ISO 6422) documents and original name & definitions. This version demonstrates the benefits of applying SKOS rules.
  • The central LinguMatic™ Business Semantic Thesaurus system with a sample multi-lingual Business Concept and its 17 related narrower concepts all expressed in 14 languages with 5 matches to two systems above.

For more detailed information please visit each demo system’s separate web-page under the Demo Systems menu.

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