Illumonus recognizes that semantic interoperability is a foundational need for delivering effective business information exchanges and communications between service consumers, industry and governments, benefiting them with cost savings and reduction of the barriers of adoption between partners.

In addition business process applications, particularly intra-organizational and cloud based, require consistent information to ensure accurate and repeatable outcomes.

The significant components of this information sharing are common across many business processes, so a common definition of such components is essential to support reuse of software assets and reduce application development and training costs.

Recognizing the wide variety of existing industry groups that each have their own solution components, Illumonus created LinguMatic™. Our focus is on providing an online thesaurus which is a more structured kind of controlled vocabulary. LinguMatic™ provides information about each business term and its relationships to other business terms. In addition to clearly specifying which terms can be .sed as synonyms (called “used from”), LinguMatic™ also indicates which terms are more specific (narrower terms), which are broader, and which are related terms.

In addition Illumonus provide the linkage for open source tools to support information handling using LinguMatic™ as the automation enabling reference. This provides true semantic interoperability independent from the eBusiness message format (syntax).

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